Day 1 after op

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     Well its day one after Emma's op and I am really impressed with how things have improved for her over the last 24 hours,

     It was a big relief to know that she is doing well, she has started eating today with some Wheatabix this morning for breakfast and then Mash with Gravy and a Yoghurt for lunch and the some soup  and half a milk shake for tea even tho the milk shake made her feel abit funny.  But she is drinking lots of water which are all positives,  The doctors said if all goes well she can come home tomorrow  so I have my fingers crossed, as she is getting down being in there all the time .

  Well il keep you all informed and update daily.

First visit :)

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Well just come back from going to visit Emma , I can honestly say I am so proud of her, she has been so brave going through this today and she hasn't moaned at all, she's doing really well.  She was in theatre for about 6 hours then recovery room for 2 hours. When we walked onto the ward you could notice the difference straight away she looks so much better with her Nose altered and the top jaw and lower jaw and her chin done.   

She was abit sick but that was because of the blood in her stomach but it was doing her good getting it up, I helped look after her buy wiping her mouth as she drooled abit and a just making her comphy  also using the suction to clean her mouth out ,

Unfortuantly visiting hours was only 1 half hour long but I shall be going tomorrow at 3.30 - 4.30 and 6.30 till 8 again but fingers crossed if everything goes well she may come home tomorrow as she is doing really well but I have told her not to rush.

I will let everyone know how she is feeling tomorrow and keep you posted.

Day of the OP

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Well the day has finally come.  We was up at 5 this morning to  get ready to take Emma to the ward for 7.30.  I cant believe this day has come so fast it only feels like yesterday that she told me that she had been given a date. 

So we got up at 5 and had our showers and got ready , unfortunately Emma cant eat this morning so I felt abit guilty about eating breakfast in front of her but as she says in need to keep my strength up for her.  So we left our house about half 6 and travelled to the hospital and onto her ward,  this journey was hard and wasn't much conversation as we all knew what was going to happen and I didn't want to say anything that made her upset.

Once we arrived at the hospital we went to find her ward,  it felt so weird walking to the ward as it is the end of a era for her, at the ward we were told by the nurse that I wasn't allowed to come and stay with her for abit befor surgery as she was first on the list and going down about 8.30, This was a big shock to both of us and we had a cry as the moment to say farewell had come,  a few tears was shed but held the big cry back so that I didn't make Emma any worse than she was already feeling as  she looked terrified but calm at same time even tho she felt abit ill when we walked passed theatre. 

Once I got home I had a cry as I had a text off Emma basically saying love you forever which made me really sad and upset .  But she finally went down about 9.30 for her op so im currently having the longest wait I have ever been through .  But it will be worth it in the end as I will be able to get to see her again.  She should be back on the ward ready for visiting time which is at 6.30 - 8 . so I will update you later how it goes , and let you know the outcome of the op went and what she looks like and how she is feeling.  Just gota wait for this long wait to be over.

Day Befor the big day

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Well it is the day before Emma's Big day of surgery,  The day has been full of different emotions, im not going to lie and say it has been easy as it hasn't. It has actually been really hard for me, as It is a scary thort think that she will be going through so much pain and being unable to eat etc. and I am unable to do anything except just help her and make sure everything is fine, id much rarther be the one going through the pain, 

We had to pop to the hospital today to get her wafer fitted and just have another quick chat about the operation and she seems really positive about it and excited now as she has been waiting for 5 years for this day lets hope that it doesn't get cancelled.

Tomorrow is going to be a really be emotional day for everyone .